Sensfix is honored to participate in the NVIDIA Inception program, which will provide us with access to the greatest technological tools (such as OCI GPUs), the most up-to-date resources, and other opportunities for corporate advancement.

NVIDIA Inception is a free initiative that aims to help the business grow faster by providing access to cutting-edge technology and NVIDIA specialists, contacts with venture capitalists, and co-marketing assistance to increase the company’s visibility. As the startup grows, the program benefits will support its expansion.

We believe the program will help us expand faster and contribute to the development of the world’s first multi-modal AI brain for automating machine and device maintenance and optimizing information flows within companies. We expect to share fresh success stories with the NVIDIA community on how NVIDIA GPUs helped to extend the Sensfix platform with new features and take O&M procedures to the next level. In collaboration with NVIDIA, we will create a benchmark for extreme AI/ML calculations.